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  1. I brought my Audi S3 in to have the terraclean system service today and what a differance it makes.
    the throttle responce is so much better and car feels alive again after covering 106k.
    now good as new would recommed this service to anybody money very well spend.
    miles better than a ecu chip as away of tuning up your car.
    i was abit worried that it wasnt going to be as good as it looked but i was worng.
    if you love your cars use this system
    many thanks.

  2. We spoke with Chris, and made an appointment which suited our time! Very easy! We arrived to be greeted with, Would you like a coffee!!!!
    Our Mercedes ML270 CDI had lost kick down due to the swirl flaps being carboned up! A common faul of Merc engines, Chris’s comment was, lets get this sorted! Ted then show’d us what he was connecting all the Terraclean to and what it would do, another coffee later and a good ol natter and we were all done, Off we went with a MUCH more responsive engine and KICK BACK was BACK! This has saved us

  3. Brought my V8 Mustang in for the Terraclean service. After some discussion as to where various pipes fitted it worked a treat. It is much more responsive and the MPG has also improved. Feels like it did when we first got it. So if you have a V8 muscle car that feels like it’s getting a bit flabby give it a go.

  4. Brought my VW Golf (2L TDI) in for a Terraclean on Saturday. Feels so much smoother now, quiter idling and better throttle response as well. I could see the soot coming out of the exhaust in the first few minutes or so.
    Chris was excellent, really friendly service and talked me through each process as it went on. Even got a cup of tea which was much appreciated in this cold & snowy weather.
    Thanks again guys!

  5. Had my W Reg Ford Mondeo Mk2 diesel Terra Cleaned 27/02/03 Chris & Ted Were Fantastic cosidering my car was giving them problems but they sorted it my car seemed a lot more responsive after having it Terra Cleaned well worth its moneyas i have tried other Engine Cleaners with no luck so wasted money till now will get my engines terra cleaned every year just before Mot to keep car running good as everyone changes oil and filters once a year but we forget about the engine and carbon build up would definetly recommend CL Auto Services
    Thanks Again Chris & TED

  6. Had my Saab 9-5 Aero Terracleaned. Fantastic. Runs smoother. Better pick up and MPG has gone from 26.3 to 28.9
    All in all a much smoother drive.
    Thanks Chris & Ted.

  7. Just had my 53 plate Toyota Celica Terracleaned with 90,000 miles on the clock. Had an immediate effect on performance, fuel consumption figures will have to wait while i run a tank of petrol through it.
    Service was friendly and efficient.

  8. Just had my Ford Galaxy tdi Terracleaned..very impressed with the results..excellent value and Chris and Ted were first class…great cups of tea as well..many thanks Duncan..

  9. Had my car TerraCleaned, now it runs a lot quieter and smoother, there’s also a small increase in MPG. They done a pre MOT check and the car went through first time with no advisories, but the on the emmisions test showed zero for CO2 and this is a 12 year old Merc. with 95000 on the clock.
    Well pleased,

Your Feedback is Welcome

Your email address will not be published.